Lazy Company – 12-15-2018 World at War News

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Afternoon folks and sorry for the delay on today’s Lazy Company!

As always art is done by my fantastic friends, this one was done by MechyFox so go check out his other works!

So Roan World at War, I nearly have the weapons package completed, it has taken a bit as I have to balance out how you arm an entire platoon, and allow for those bonuses to be calculated when tossing the dice.

Also I had to figure out how to treat supply and resupply. In this case, working on an abstract level as usual. If the Platoon is considered to be under-supplied, they are penalized dice from their dice pool to represent low food, morale, and ammunition. Specialty weapons such as anti-material rifles are unusable due to no ammo being left, so it is important to keep a strong supply line open for yourself and your friends Platoon!

If you want to join the testing group just click this sentence!

For those who have already joined, expect a new update come Sunday for better or for Worse!

Additions to the rules are the Critical Damage rule set, as well as description of how Armor Pen, Structural Armor Pen, Damage Reduction, and Structural Damage Reduction work!

Lazy Company – 12/06/2018

Art by MechyFox click here to see his work!

Happy winter Friday everyone, and today we have Suppression, which will be an important factor in the Roan World at War rules.

As opposed to the normal Health Points (HP) system that we find so familiar to us, World at War will utilize a Suppression Health Points (SHP) system which works in an abstract concept.

As a Platoon takes Suppression Health Point (SHP) losses, it can be seen as units being wounded, weapons being broken, or their personal morale slowly being chipped away.

Once SHP hits zero, a point of damage is done to the Platoon Morale Points (PMP), which is an abstract representation of the overall Platoons ability to continue fighting.

When PMP takes any damage, a Morale roll is made using the left over Platoon Morale Points as the Dice Pool. The more damage taken, the more the Morale Roll suffers.

Once the Platoon has failed their Dice Pool roll for Morale, they are considered to be retreating, captured, or KIA/MIA. This can be adjusted by the GM for the sake of the story, such as the case of MIA leading to a Prison break mission where characters or Platoons work to free their imprisoned comrades!

Want to help ensure the system works out well, join the campaign and get a copy of the early early variation of the current rule set to alpha test!

Lazy Company 11-30-2018 + News

Art by RavenPuff

Good day everyone, as you may note there is a new button on the website, and that will get you into the beta for World at Roan. You can also click the below link!

Also with unfortunate news, two friends of mine have ran into trouble, their home having burned down, and they need help! So please see if you can offer a donation to help them out at the following goFundMe page below!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all from Lazy Company!

It seems Cause doesn’t really get the idea of proper food for the Holiday 😛

Art by the amazing RavenPuff inspiration from the good ol Peanuts Gang!

For folks who expressed their interest in world at war, expect a form Friday and then the Alpha book later on. The book is gonna start simple and then I will submit additions to ease testers into the system and make sure that each section meshes nicely!

Lazy Company – 11-02-2018


Art by RavenPuff

So it is looking like we will have a bit of rain here, but I have no time for that!

I’m currently writing out the benefits for each country in Roan, as well as the flaws that might plague them. The countries I’m working on so far are of course Roan, Canidia, Zebrica, The Empire of the Walking Sands, Falconigrad, Crowasia, and Ratvaria.

The primary rolls for game play are pretty much set in stone, including basic unit builds, but specialty units are still in the works and I’ll be needing testers again to see how well the Platoon system works!

Give a retweet/reply/message to me if you are interested in being a tester and I’ll send you an NDA before passing you the current build itself!

You all go and have a great weekend now!

Clear Skies

Lazy Company – 10-26-2018


So, can ya guess what the weather is looking to be like!

Halloween special is coming soon, and I do hope you all are watching and waiting as I’ll be asking for some testers for the World at War system!

Its been a lot of head to keyboard bashing, but I am certain this system will be nicely streamlined for you all, and give you that epic RTS style action while also being able to allow for individual character interaction!

Its been a lot of number crunching, but the micro/macro capability of the system should allow for easy flexibility in telling the Roan War story!

Art as always by the ever amazing RavenPuff whom you can see her site below!


Our characters for today is Clyde and Effect!

Till then folks, game on!

Clear Skies